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- Label

This control adds a label. The tag data can be entered manually or link to a data source.


Control Id: It's the name used to identify the control.
Prefix:It's the default text that the control will display. If the label is linked to a Data Source, it will display this text before the value retrieved by the Data Source.
Type: Specify the format of the control.
  • Text: Displays the text as plain text.
  • Phone: Opens the configured Phone App with the value of the label.
  • Email: Opens the configured Email App with the value of the label.
  • Money: Tries to display the text in currency format.
  • Url: Displays the text as an internet link.
Value Source: Indicates from where the label should fetch its value.
Css Class: Css class of the label.
  • DataSource: The value comes from a Data Source.
    • Data Source: Shows a list of all the data sources existing on the screen.
    • Mapping: Lists the retrieved fields from the selected data source.
  • Screen: The value comes from a control of a previous screen.
    • Screen: List of all the app screens.
    • Control: Lists the controls of the selected screen.


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