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- Map

This control adds a map. Markers on map can be obtained from a data source or the coordinates can be set directly on the control.


Control Id: It's the name used to identify the control.

Data Source: Shows a list of all the data sources existing on the screen.

Coordinates: Defines the position on the map based on latitude and longitude.

Point Id Field: Sets the filter field within the control settings.

Bubble Text: Information displayed in the bubble within the control displayed.

Bubble Img: Image being used inside the bubble that is displayed on the map.

Marker Img: Image that is used as a marker in the map.

Next Page: List all the screens that are available to establish a navigation between them.

Center At: Sets default position using the map to position.

Center GPS: Center the map on the location that has the GPS.

Center Marker: Center the map on the first marker configured.


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