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Themes and Style

Paradise allows you to customize the themes to be used by your application screens.
In the highlighted “Styles” section below you can select the style of the platform (Jquery Mobile, Iphone, Android, or Windows Phone) and the theme that the bars and the body of the screen should have.

You can add or edit themes using the Theme Roller for Paradise (Note: The default styles can not be edited).

This screen is adapted from the Theme Roller for jQuery Mobile. Using drag & drop you can change the colors of various UI elements. Remember to give a meaningful name to the theme by clicking “Change Name”.

In the upper right corner there are images that you loaded as resources. Dragging them to the body of the phone can set them as background image.

Once finished you must click on “Save” and close this window. The new theme will be added to the Drop Down Lists of styles.

Also Paradise allows you to create new custom styles and assign them to specific controls on the property “CSS Class”, or adding them using Javascript .

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