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The designer is the main screen of Paradise . Here you will turn your ideas into mobile applications.

Project Tab

Project Name : The name used to identify your application.
Description : A description of your project.
Version : The version of your application. If you are generating native applications, this field will be the version of your app.
Status : Displays the state in which the project is.

  • Published : Indicates that the project has been completed and is in production.
  • Active : The project is in development.
  • In Review : The project is under review . When an application is in this state the Comments functionality is enabled, which allows multiple users to review the app and add comments on the various controls .
  • Inactive : Indicates that the project is inactive.
  • Obsolete : Indicates that this project is obsolete.

Header and Footer text : Allows you to set the default header and footer text for all screens.
Styles : Set the default styles for all application screens.
Sources : Allows you to register new database or web service connections to use as a data source in your applications.
Custom Scripts and Styles : Allows you to add CSS styles and custom Javascript code in your application.

Screens Tab

This tab contains the options to create and edit the screens that make up your application.

Toolbox Tab

It presents the various controls and data sources that can be added to a screen.

Design Canvas

This canvas represents the phone where the application will run. The controls and data sources are added here by drag & drop.

Properties Panel

This pane displays the configuration options for the selected control.

Actions Bar

It offers the following actions:

Change the screen resolution of the designer.
Change the frame of the phone.
Puts the phone in Landscape or Portrait mode .
Displays comments about the controls for this screen.
Persists the project in the server.
Executes the current version of the application in the emulator. It is used to verify the operation of the application during development.
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